Consumer Protection and Debt Collection Defense

Consumer Protection and Debt Collection Defense

You have rights, even if you owe money.

When a person or company is trying to collect money from you, they have to follow the laws that protect consumers like you.

Debt collectors don’t always pay attention to your rights as a consumer.

If the debt collector violates your consumer rights, you might be entitled to sue the debt collector for compensation.

Contact my office so we can analyze your situation and find out if your legal rights have been violated.

Debt collectors do their best to pressure you to get their way. They try to make you feel ashamed and alone. Don’t fall for it. It is estimated that 1/3 of Americans are currently facing some kind of debt collection. Don’t just turn your money over to the debt collectors without getting legal advice first.

Contact my office to set up a no cost consultation. I do my best to set these up within a few days.

If we decide that I will represent you, there are a number of payment options. For instance, if you have a consumer protection claim and you win the case, the debt collector will pay my legal fees. If you don’t have a consumer protection claim, and we decide that I will represent you to defend against the debt collection, we can discuss a number of options for paying for legal services and we’ll see what might work for you.