Student Loans

Student Loans

Are you getting calls about your student loan being past due?

Are you being sued for the balance on your student loan?

Are you in default and want to get out?

Are you being told that wage garnishment, social security offset, or a tax refund intercept is coming?

Are you unsure what to do after forbearance?

Are you getting calls from debt collectors about your student loans?

Student loans issues can be complicated. If you are being sued, or need good legal advice about student loans, a lawyer can be a big help. There may be options to deal with your student loans that may help your situation. The student loan servicers are supposed to tell you all the options, but sometimes they don’t. The debt collectors will not explain your options to you, but Cassandra can.

Worried that you can’t afford a lawyer? The student loan company might try to garnish your wages or collect from you in other ways. The cost of these collection actions can be added to the total you owe on your student loan. Hiring a lawyer is often cheaper in the long run.

Contact my office today to set up a no-cost consultation. I do my best to set these up within a few days. If I decide to take your student loan case, we can discuss a number of options for paying for legal services and we’ll see what might work for you.